Easy to get to Pucón. This beautiful and friendly city of the IX Region of La Araucania has efficient paths that allow travelers to visit smoothly, see the tourist attractions of the area and, at the same time enjoy its admirable tourist infrastructure.
Pucón, located 785 kilometers south of Santiago and 105 kilometers of Temuco, the regional capital. You can arrive by air and land.

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You can fly to Temuco from Santiago. The frequencies are daily. Already in the capital of the IX Region, Temuco, head to the bus station of the city which is in the center, to address the buses depart every 15 minutes to Pucón.

The distance is 105 kilometers and the approximate travel time is 90 minutes.
It is also possible to rent a car and drive to your destination.


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There are three main ways to get to Pucón road. These link the city to the north, south and east. The latter is an international road connecting Chile and Argentina.
From the North, it is the route linking Pucón with Santiago and Temuco. The distance to the capital is 785 kilometers, the same as those covered in 9 or 10 hours. It travels through the North Pan American Highway, a paved and in very good conditions. On the way you pass the cities of Temuco, Freire and Villarrica.

From the south, you get to Pucón from Puerto Montt. The distance is 338 kilometers, which are traversed in five hours, approximately. It travels through the American South, via paved and in good condition.
From the East, you get to Pucón from Argentina San Martin de los Andes, located 185 kilometers away. Entry into Chilean territory is by Mamuil-Malal pass, also known as the Tromen. The gravel road is nearly 100 kilometers goes through a flashy forest of araucarias



- If you choose the border route in winter, ride on a four wheel drive vehicle.
- You must remember that at the border the entry of fruit or fresh food is not allowed, without medical authorization.
- From the north and south there are buses every day. Instead, from the east (Argentina), no service on Sundays.
- Most buses traveling the route Santiago-Pucon, leave at night..



With a territorial radius not more than 30 kilometers, the picturesque town of Pucón can and should be traveled on foot, pause and carefree. So it is more enjoyable and better known each corner.
In his travels through the avenue Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins or Caupolicán, the traveler feel serene urban heartbeat of this small community. If you want to explore the surroundings, you will find public transport units that take you to nearby destinations. Daily departures.