By its location, environment and tourism development, Pucón, is the perfect starting point to other cities and places of interest, because of its proximity and easy access, to know both the Araucania Region to take the international route to Argentina starting with San Martin de Los Andes.
Martina De Goñi hotel is located in one of the most beautiful and visited areas in the province of Cautín.
This region is a land of great beauty, with many protected natural spaces and spectacular lakes with beaches of different natural formation. It also enjoys an important cultural heritage and national parks.
A whole range of attractions to which must be added its people, variety of pub and cafes, regional sweets and handicrafts in the area.


THE MONASTERY OF SANTA CLARA, built by the Capuchin monks in 1950.

PARISH CHURCH OF SANTA CRUZ, located in the heart of the city, has a beautiful architecture.
BIG BEACHE, on the banks of Lake Villarrica. It is the main beach, has an area of approximately four kilometers. Here various activities are held during the summer, as well as a variety of water sports.
The pool, in this sector there is a spring and the Yacht Club of Pucón. In summer, you can navigate in motorized catamarans. All year is a beautiful place for a picnic or watch the sunset at dusk.
THE CASINO, is the most important game centers in southern Chile; It has modern facilities with a diverse variety of slot machines, dice and card games different.

Pucón is known as the capital of adventure tourism, as due to its beautiful natural setting is possible to develop activities such as rafting, trekking, hiking, canopy, kayaking, fly fishing, horseback riding, among many others. During the winter months and spring, well, you can practice sports like skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Villarrica volcano. All activities will be finished by the afternoon enjoying the various spas it provides the area, outdoor swimming pools and in the midst of native forests.
RIO TRANCURA, especially for rafting and kayaking with its white and crystalline waters. El Alto Trancura, highest part of the river has strong rapids high level, ideal for those who like strong sensations. Lower Trancura then, the bottom of the river, has excellent rapids of lower intensity. This part is ideal for the practice of this sport, especially for families, children and people not as experienced.
RIO LIUCURA, it can go rafting or kayaking. It is located in the area of Metreñehue. Banks of this river are several small campsite, where you can reach by car or bicycle for a day in nature.
VILLARRICA VOLCANO, is the most active volcano in Chile is located nine kilometers from Pucón and has a height of 2847 meters above the sea. The crater has a lava lake of 1,250 ° C temperature and a diameter of 200 meters. It also has a glacier that stretches for 40 square kilometers.
LAKE CABURGUA, 25 kilometers from Pucón. In its clear waters you can perform different water activities. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and from there the Villarrica and Lanin volcanoes can be seen. Its main beaches are Playa Negra, an extension of about five kilometers, and Playa Blanca, 500 meters of white sands.
OTHER LAKES, including lakes in the area can mention the Tilquilco lakes, located near the Huerquehue National Park, 30 kilometers from Pucon, and Huifiuca lake, located south of Curarrehue in the Villarrica National Park.
EYES CABURGUA, 15 kilometers from Pucón and 4 kilometers south of Caburgua, in the sector of Christ. A wonderful vegetation around these pools, where different waterfalls fall.
PALGUIN HOPS, within the many waterfalls in the area, we mention the falls of Palguín, China, El Rosario, the Lion and the turbine. All surrounded by lush vegetation and located in the area of Palguín.
HUEPIL THREE JUMPS, just 8 kilometers from Caburgua these wonderful breaks Huepil, whose main appeal lies in consecutive waterfalls ending in a third jump next to a beautiful picnic spot is located.
TERME, another attraction of the area around Pucón is the existence of numerous hot springs. Certainly they stand out for their properties of water and its great beauty. All very near Pucón and waters recommended for people suffering from diseases such as rheumatism or simply opt for a good relaxation.
VOLCANO QUETRUPILLAN, has a height of 2,360 meters. The erosion caused by the passage of the lava river valley Palguín has led many waterfalls such as the Salto China and the Lion.


Located 12 kilometers from Pucon, it covers an area of 62 998 hectares hosting three volcanoes: the Villarrica and Lanin Quetrupillán. We also find beautiful lakes, such as Lake White, Blue, Huinfiuca Green Bustards and ducks, plus Lake Quillelhue.


Located 35km from Pucon, has a lot of lakes and mountain lakes of great beauty, the best known being the Chico Lake, Green Lake and Lake Toro. All this can be visited on a walk one day in the area, and contemplating the beauty of its landscapes, flora, fauna typical and enjoying a beautiful view of the Villarrica volcano.